Our technology teams support transformation across many​

Industries ​

Understanding your business is at the heart of ours. We have successfully completed a large range of projects across a variety of industries including: manufacturing, retail, technology, non-profit, marketing/ agency and public sector work. Our innovative solutions have allowed our partners to tackle their most challenging problems head on, and have set a solid foundation for future growth in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.


Working alongside our technology customers we help create new products or augment existing software development teams to accelerate product roadmaps.  We understand that software companies need to continually innovate due to increased competition and often find it difficult to scale their engineering teams to meet the accelerating demands.   Software companies that focus on building great SaaS cloud applications rely on BrainyYack to help build great products, accelerate product roadmaps with our exceptional engineering team.

Marketing Agencies​

Brainyyack supports our agency partners as development partners when their core is focused on marketing we can help execute with our technical teams their marketing needs. Our wide range of skills has allowed us to provide tangible value to our ongoing agency clients.

Public Sector​

Understanding and implementing groundbreaking solutions to everyday problems, our work has allowed the public sector organizations to disseminate information effectively and rapidly through interactive means of education and communication.


Our unique expertise dealing with non-profit entities has allowed us to truly convey the ethos and message of the organizations we have been trusted to represent and help get those donations that are so important to the core of the organization.

Retail (e-commerce)

Business and E-commerce websites that pair seamless design with impactful functionality. Alongside our partners, we have implemented multiple ecommerce solutions to enhance ROI and minimize cost when branching out into new markets or releasing new products.


We help build intelligent solutions for our industrial and manufacturing clients by focusing on a personalized approach to asset creation. Starting with a needs based assessment of the business we tailor our approach to each organization and their goals for future growth.


Case study

Development Team Augmentation

Interactive NFT Collectible Solutions for Fan-Driven Markets

See how we explore the implementation of NFT collectible solutions within fan-driven markets. By leveraging the potential of NFTs, to engage with their fanbase, increasing brand loyalty, and driving revenue streams. We delve into innovative strategies and technologies to help create an immersive and rewarding fan experience.

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  5. Extend or ramp down the team, enabling project quality with flexibility

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